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Packaging Testing

Executive summary

A popular, all-natural vitamin brand wanted to better understand parents' perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes regarding children’s vitamins to inform new packaging designs.


Echo Market Research conducted a three-day, online qualitative community with a total of 20 brand users and 20 users of competitive brands (non-users) in the US.

All were parents who were regularly giving their children multivitamins.

We learned from the parents that in a perfect world, children’s multivitamins would have no sugar, artificial flavors, dyes, etc. But oftentimes, the “battle” wasn’t worth it; children won’t take a multivitamin if they don’t enjoy the taste/flavor/texture, no matter the messaging or the packaging design!

We identified colors/designs and messaging/slogans that outperformed others and were more attractive to parents.

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